Cadet Summer Training 2023

Planning for Summer 2023

Summer Training 2023 will continue to evolve, changes are being made to optimize the use of resources with the intent that more cadets from coast to coast to coast will be offered an equitable and enhanced summer training experience.

Planning is ongoing at this time, and details are still being finalized. We are optimistic that in-person training will be possible in 2023; the priority is always the safety of our cadets and staff which may require adaptations in response to the changing COVID environment.

The courses will follow under the following categories, to meet the intent of the Cadet Program Rescope:

  • Force Generation Courses: training and education that prepares cadets to lead, or assist with leading, training activities and support operations at the local, zone, area, regional including staff cadets positions.
  • Non-Force Generation Courses: training and education that provides opportunities for cadets to enhance their skills and competencies in specialized areas.
  • Trial Courses: training and education are conducted annually at regions and CTCs. Trial courses are updated on an ongoing basis, aligned to youth needs and interest, and offer a variety of learning opportunities, some with certifications and qualifications. Successful trials will be integrated into summer training offerings to replace out-of-date programming.

Cadet Activity Programs (CAP)

CAP will be delivered locally for cadets in levels 1 and 2. The programming will be managed by the Regional Commanding Officers, offering expanded opportunities for Cadets across Canada.

Cadet Training Centre (CTC) Training

Courses will be offered to cadets who have completed their third year of training, or higher, hosted at Cadet Training Centres. Courses range in length from 2-7-weeks and take place at CTC locations across the country.

Cadet Advisory Council (CAC)

Following the success of the CAC in 2021, an in-person opportunity will take place in 2022 and will be hosted by the Commander, Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers, at two CTCs, over a six week training period. This group will provide the opportunity for the Commander and senior staff at the headquarters to engage directly with a group of senior cadets from across the country on a variety of cadet program related topics.

Intended CTC Locations

The 2022 planned CTCs are dispersed across the country, generally located within Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) facilities, which supports our flexible programming and meets our requirements for 2022 and beyond. This optimization of CTCs and the Summer Training Program will effectively offer more options, and more opportunities to participate in summer training than in the past.

As we are still in the initial planning stages for summer 2022, this list may change due to unforeseen circumstances such as staffing, facility availability, and the ongoing pandemic.

Region Location
Pacific Region HMCS Quadra CTC
Vernon CTC
Northwest Region Cold Lake CTC
Northwest CTCFootnote1
Central Region Blackdown CTC
Trenton CTC
Connaught CTC
Eastern Region St-Jean CTC
Valcartier CTC
Bagotville CTC
Atlantic Region Argonaut CTC
Greenwood CTC