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Welcome to 222 Shuswap RCACS

Welcome to 222 Shuswap Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron. We are Salmon Arm’s local Air Cadet Squadron, providing Leadership, Citizenship, and Flight Training to youth aged 12-18.

We parade weekly Wednesdays from 6:15-9:00 PM at St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Salmon Arm on Shuswap St. To find out what is planned for this week, check out our Calendar!

If you are interested in Air Cadets, please feel free to explore our website, contact us, or visit us during our weekly parade.




Current Announcements:

  1. Next Parade Night:
    • Date: Cadet parades are currently holding In-Person Activities.  Virtual Training may be planned if we are required to stop meeting in person.  Continue to keep an eye out on your Email for updates.
    • Location: Anglican Church: Salmon Arm BC
    • Uniform: The uniform will be chosen between the following choices:
      • ceremonial dress (C1);
      • mess dress (C2);
      • service dress (C3); and
      • environmental training dress (C5).
    • Most training nights will be C5, (FTU’s). The first training night of the month is typically a CO’s Parade which will be C1, (issued blue uniform with wedge, tunic, tie and any medals awarded).
  2. For the current CJCR Dress Instructions including personal appearance please refer to :
  3. Upcoming events:
    1. TBA
  4. Reminders:
    1. If you have not returned your yearly Cadet Verification or your Detailed Medical forms. they must be returned as soon as possible.  If these forms are not returned, you may not be allowed to participate in Cadets.
  5. CO’s Monthly Message:
    • Thank you for all of your patience in adjusting to our return to in-person training this year – so far attendance has been high and our activities have run smoothly. We continue to plan extra training opportunities and are looking for ways to enhance the training experience for all. Our Gliding Day, for instance, was very successful and everyone had a great day. We must continue to be mindful for current health guidelines and will watch for possible changes to our ability to meet together. Thank-you for your patience and your efforts in making this a great training year.
    • //Original Signed//
    • Don Ennis
    • Captain
    • Commanding Officer

Cadet Parade Time Table:

  • 1745 – 1800 hrs – Officers Arrive
  • 1800 – 1815 hrs – Senior Cadets Arrive
  • 1815 – 1830 hrs – Senior Cadet Briefing
  • 1830 – 1845 hrs – All remaining Cadets Arrive
  • 1845 – 1900 hrs – Fall in, Inspection and Opening Parade
  • 1900 – 1930 hrs – Instruction Period 1
  • 1930 – 1940 hrs – Break/Canteen
  • 1945 – 2015 hrs – Instruction Period 2
  • 2015 – 2030 hrs – Clean-up Training Area
  • 2030 – 2045 hrs – Flight Time
  • 2045 – 2100 hrs – Closing Parade
  • 2100 hrs              – Dismissal

Canadian Forces Response to COVID-19

In an effort to resume Cadets in the current COVID-19 environment, the Commander of the National Cadet and Junior Ranger has ordered the following procedures take place this training year:

(1) Prior to departing home for any in-person activities, all adult personnel and cadets will complete the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool ( and follow the recommended guidance from Public Health Agency of Canada. Furthermore, anyone with symptoms of influenza is not to report for duty to any in-person activities;

(2) Without exception, the non-medical masks (NMMs) will be worn at all times by all adult personnel and cadets at any in-person activities (indoors and outdoors) including Corps/Squadron, CNS, CES and CFS. This will also apply to in-person RDA/NDA upon resumption not before 15 January 2021. If a cadet or adult staff member reports that they cannot wear a NMM due to health restrictions their participation is to be limited to virtual activities only and the RMLO must be advised through the chain of command.
RMLO will advise the RCSU CO and place the appropriate participation limitation on the cadet/member’s medical record;

(3) Procurement and distribution of reusable NMMs will not occur before 15 October 2020. In the interim, cadets and adult members
are to bring their own NMM to in-person activities; and

(4) when the sanitization/disinfection of facilities is not performed by the landlord then the corps/squadron staff are to do so in accordance with the Public Health Agency of Canada guide to cleaning and disinfecting public spaces found at this link:  Additionally, corps/squadron staff are to consult their applicable provincial or territorial health association/agency website for further guidance on local PHMs pertaining to the sanitization/disinfection of facilities;